Straight Flush

Here’s our delicious take on the Saratoga, a cocktail created in the 19th century hotspot that was Saratoga Springs, New York. This serve is a throwback to when holidaying meant unwinding with a drink in hand. In that spirit, enjoy leisurely.




15 mins



Do not share with minors

How many servings?

45ml Auchentoshan Three Wood

20ml brandy

15ml sweet vermouth

3ml Angostura bitters

How To Craft

Take everything holy about the Manhattan and the Metropolitan, and you’ll have the Saratoga: a cocktail to please both brandy and whisky aficionados. Our version is best mixed by ‘throwing’ – a method that sits between rolling and shaking the serve to aerate it without much dilution.


Click below for a step by step guide:

1Add all ingredients to a mixing glass

2Add ice and gently stir 10-15 times until well chilled

3Strain into a rocks glass and add ice

4Garnish with orange peel


Switch It Up

You can substitute the spirit with:

20ml Rémy Martin XO

20ml Cockburn’s

20 Year Old Tawny

Did you know?

Everyone has their favourite whisky:brandy ratio, so we recommend experimenting with different pairings and proportions until you find your ideal Straight Flush.

Complete your cocktail with


Orange peel